N'Dia Rae, CEO 

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Rae graduated from college in 2008. After not being able to find employment she delved into writing as a way to pass the time. Eventually, she began to publish her stories professionally under various pen names.

Twenty books later, here she is. She transformed her obstacle into an opportunity, creating a unique African American publishing and book marketing company. 

"My goal with 5StarLit is to make it easier for other black writers to market their creations," she says. 

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You'll Never Put Your Kindle Down Again

Hands down, 5StarLit delivers the best over-the-top stories filled to the brim with all you can eat drama. Every story is carefully-woven, pulling you into crazy situations you'd never believe.

Experience jaw-dropping scandal featuring men and women - who range from everyday, regular people to high-level golddiggers, hustlers, players, thieves, dancers, scammers, and white-collar people - as they deal with everything from cheating partners and scandalous side chicks to high-collar corporate deception and politicians whose connections reach deeply into the city's underworld. 

5StarLit stories are originally devised, designed, and sculpted for our audience. You will not find our stories re-hashed under another name or brand, because we literally write with our audience in mind. We know what our VIPs want, what they crave, and what they need in order to be blown away by our work. 

Looking for a Publisher? 

We're not actively shopping for new writers at the current time, however, if you're interested in writing with us, please contact us here for more information.